2008-09-29 | PRODUCTION #: ThinAir2LR

Comprehensive review by Dan Houghton of The Hidden History of the Human Race: evidence seems to suggest that our ancient past might be different than what we've believed for generations. Is it true?

1a: The Big Question
2008-09-28 | ThinAir1

1b: Lesson Review
2008-09-28 | ThinAir1LR

2a: The Hidden History of the Human Race
2008-09-29 | ThinAir2

2b: Lesson Review
2008-09-29 | ThinAir2LR

3a: Secrets in Stone
2008-09-30 | ThinAir3

3b: Lesson Review
2008-09-30 | ThinAir3LR

4a: Out of Thin Air
2008-10-01 | ThinAir4

4b: Lesson Review
2008-10-01 | ThinAir4LR
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